Dogs for Adoption

Dogs for Adoption


These dogs are currently in our care at the moment and available for adoption. The shelter is not designed for long term care so every day spent here is a day away from the connection and human interaction that dogs need. The first step in saving these dogs was to get them in our custody. However, the Shelter is not a fit destination. It cannot provide the nurturing all dogs deserve. Please help us save these dogs.

If you are interested in saving any one of these dogs, please call 928-232-2611 to arrange an appointment.

Indi is a 3 year old spayed female American Pit Bull Mix.  She is medium sized and full bodied.  She is super sweet and very mellow.  She would prefer to be the only dog.  She would make a perfect house companion for anyone.

Phoenix is a spayed female German Sheppard approaching 2 years old and weighs approximately 50 lbs.  She is very sweet and loves one particular dog at the shelter named Blanco, also shown below.  She hopes whoever adopts her will consider adopting them both together.  Phoenix should go into a home with older children.  She also likes to choose her own friends.  Phoenix is both house trained and kennel trained.

Blanco is a neutered male Chihuahua mix also approaching 2 yeas old, he is quick like a bullet.  Blanco weighs 10 lbs. and is very lovable.  He likes to be held but is also independent. As mentioned above, Phoenix is his best friend and hopes they can stay together.  He is not a leg lifter which is a huge plus.  Blanco is mostly housebroken and just needs a little more work./supervision.

Susie is a 1 year old spayed female Terrier mix. She weighs a little less than 30 lbs.  She is full of spunk and loves to play with her friends.  She does like to chase cats, so should be in a home with dogs only.  She would likely be happiest with other room mates but has been fostered as the only dog and did fine, with the exception of harassing their 12 year old cat. She is also house broken and knows to use a doggie door.


Precious is a 10 year old spayed female Chihuahua mix.  She is super sweet, gentle and loves to be held.  She does not like to be alone for long periods of time.  She would make the perfect companion dog for an older person who doesn’t get out much and just wants a companion to snuggle with.  It is unknown for sure if she is housebroken or if she has previously learned to use a doggie door,  but she does use the potty pad provided when necessary.  Precious has been microchipped and travels very well in a small kennel.


Batman is an 8 year old neutered male Chihuahua mix.  We don’t know much history on this little guy except he is absolutely adorable and sweet.  He can be a little shy at first but he is learning to warm up and trust.  Batman walks very well on a leash.  He has recently had some dental work done and is also microchipped. He gets along well with the other dogs.  He has been known to crawl up the walls of his kennel so he may need to go to a home with a brick or wooden fenced yard.  He appears to be kennel trained and may be housebroken.


Hawkeye is estimated to be 6 years old.  He was rescued from the Maricopa County shelter.  He is a large German Sheppard mix.  He has been neutered and vaccinated.  He is full of energy and is looking for a home where he can receive lots of love and attention.  He is very friendly and gets along well with other dogs.  He appears to be kennel trained and possibly housebroken.

Little Buddy is a 1 year old neutered male Chihuahua mix.  He is super sweet and loves attention.  He came in as a stray.  He appears to be kennel trained and possibly housebroken.  He gets along well  with the other dogs.

Coco is a 5 month old spayed female Boxer Mix.  She was found abandoned along with her sibling Chanel shown below.  She appears to have had no real socialization until arriving at the shelter but is learning to trust and coming out of her shell.  She is super sweet and is just learning to walk on a leash and play ball.  She is good with people of all ages, including children.  She shares a kennel with her sister Chanel and would love to be adopted together but can also be adopted separately.

Chanel is also a 5 month old spayed female and sibling to Coco shown above.  She shares all of the same traits as her sister listed above.  She prefers to be adopted with her sister but can also be adopted separately.   She is looking for her perfect forever home.

Freckles is a 3 year old spayed female Australian Sheppard mix.  She was rescued from the Maricopa County Shelter.  She is super sweet and appears to be kennel trained and possibly housebroken.  She gets along with other dogs, and does well with small dogs also.  She loves to give human hugs and lets you know how much she appreciates being saved.  She would make someone the perfect dog.

Sky is a 10 month old spayed female Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix. She loves to run and play hard with the other dogs.  She is super sweet and good with people of all ages.  She will require a large secure yard and an active family due to her breed and age.  She is very smart and learns quickly.



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