Dogs for Adoption

These are the dogs in our care at the moment that are available for adoption. The shelter is not designed for long term care so every day spent here is a day away from the connection and human interaction these dogs need. The first step in saving these dogs was to get them in custody. The shelter, however, is not a fit destination. It cannot provide the nurturing all dogs deserve. Please help us, save a dog.

If you are interested in saving one of these dogs, please call 928-232-2611 to arrange a visit.



Harley has been in the shelter longer than any other dog. In fact he has been here since last August!. Harley is a very enthusiastic and friendly pup. It is not clear what breed he might be, sort of a chunky border collie. What is very clear is that this is Harley’s ball. You are allowed to have it if you will throw it for him butharley Harley does have trust issues though so you had better be consistent or Harley will curl up around the ball like an armadillo. Don’t mention the ear, I don’t believe he knows about it.

The saddest thing is that once back in the Fall I accidentally let Harley loose outside the kennel. In a flash he was off into the neighborhood. I freaked out of course and started calling for help. The sad part though is that after a little while Harley showed up in the office asking to be let back in. Apparently this shelter is the only home he knows and the random volunteers who show up to feed him are the only people he has. This is just wrong. Harley deserves his own peeps and his own place. He deserves his own life.

No relation to Harley, that we know of.

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