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K9 Konnection

Locals Saving Lives!

K9 Konnection is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization located in Wickenburg Arizona. We have a “No Kill” philosophy and are dedicated to the rescue, shelter, re-uniting, and re-homing of animals in need. Our members are residents of the Wickenburg area who have decided to respond to the need for a local 24 hour resource for lost and homeless dogs in our surrounding communities of Wittman, Morristown, Wickenburg, Aguila and Congress.

July 1, 2016, K9 Konnection began its primary operation as a 24 hour resource for the Wickenburg Police Department to handle lost and stray dogs in the area. Prior to our services, lost and strays were housed in the County shelter and seldom were reunited with their owners.

Within our first year of operation, the demand for our services grew into a full scale dog shelter/rescue assisting other local communities with lost and stray dog issues.

K9 Konnection is known in our communities as the shelter who takes all dogs, and exhausts all avenues to find the owners of lost dogs. Also, we are the shelter that takes love and care in re-homing those who need a new home. Our staff and volunteers give of their time to help us achieve our mission above and beyond expectations.

Since we are a fairly new shelter and rescue, we are in the process of developing long term financial sustainability resources. In our first two years of operation, we were blessed with a Wellick Foundation Grant and lots of individual donations that continue to help us. Currently, we our expanding our financial resources to include other foundation grants, local business and individual support, two Annual events and social media fundraisers.


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