K9 Konnection

Local Saves Lives !

K9 KONNECTION is a 501 (C) (3) Not-for-profit organization located in Wickenburg Arizona. We are dedicated to the rescue, shelter, re-uniting, and re-homing of animals in need.  Our members are residents of the Wickenburg area who have decided to respond to the need for a local, 24 hour resource for lost and homeless dogs in our community.

Up until July 1st, 2016,  if you live in Wickenburg and your dog became frightened and lost there is every probability that when it was  found it would be sent to the county shelter down in Phoenix. This means the chances of recovering your pet were minimal.  Thanks to the support of the community and the efforts of  many volunteer hours of work this is no longer the case. Now the Wickenburg Police have an alternative in K9 Konnection. We are providing police with a 24 hour, local place for our strays. This means less police time involved with this sort of non criminal activity, faster recovery time for pet owners, and better care for Wickenburg dogs that have no home.

K9 Konnection is committed to a “No Kill” philosophy.  Moreover, we will work to assist pet owners in being able to properly care for their pets and prevent them from needing to be removed or surrendered to an animal shelter.

This is a new, all volunteer operation and its continued existence it totally dependent on the contributions received each month. We are working toward more a sustainable financial base but right now monthly donations are urgently needed.   Our hope that with the continued support of the community, in our town, there will never again  be dogs that don’t matter.

A Wickenburg community organization